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Clever + Do-Rite Donuts Bib Short


Sure, others have done donut themed jerseys, but has anyone gone as far as professionally photographing actual donuts and including that donut shop in the collaboration?!


With that, we bring you the Clever + Do-Rite Donuts cycling kit.

Concept by Mr. Clever himself with help from Johnny Hsu and Do-Rite staff and produced by Verge Sport, it's sure make everyone salivate (or gain 10 pounds) on your local group ride.

If you aren't familiar with Verge Sport sizing, DOUBLE CHECK FITTED CUT SIZING CHART!

This is just for the bib short, if you'd like to add the jersey, it's an additional item.

ALL CLOTHING SALES ARE FINAL and are made to order. Delivery takes 6-8 weeks time.